A top Libyan diplomat stationed in China who resigned to protest his government's violent crackdown on protesters called on President Moammar Gadhafi on Tuesday to step down and leave the country. Hussein Sadiq al Musrati, who was the second secretary in the Libyan mission to Beijing before he stepped down four days ago, joined about 20 students and protesters in front of the Libyan Embassy in Beijing. "I used to work in this, the Hitler embassy," he said, pointing towards the embassy compound in central Beijing. "I quit about four days ago, when I saw on TV my people being killed by Hitler, Gadhafi. I tell him: 'Finish Game over. Get out'" He urged international leaders to intervene in the crisis. "I want to tell Mr. Ban Ki Moon, the European Union and the governments in the world, please, help my people," he said. "My people are (getting) killed." As he spoke, a demonstrator shouted, "Gadhafi, the game is over. Go out. Finish."