KARACHI - Karachi Stock Exchanges (KSE) Committee on Taxation held a meeting with the senior officials of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Monday to discuss the provisions, which have been mentioned in the SRO 112(1)/2011 issued by FBR on February 11, 2011, about the Computation of Capital Gain Tax (CGT) The meeting was held at the KSE premises and headed by Asrar Raouf, Additional Secretary Revenue Division, FBR. During the meeting the FBR authorities expressed their concern over the non-filing of Capital Gains Tax Quarterly Return by few of the companies and requested the Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited to extend any assistance in this respect. The FBR Additional Secretary Revenue Division Asrar Raouf also gave its assurance that the concerns and anomalies of KSE will be given due consideration and amendments accordingly will be made and issued at the earliest, the KSE said. The meeting also discussed the proposals in respect of issues already agreed in a previous meeting held with FBR and KSE Taxation Committee on 17th January, 2011. Moreover, proposals relating to issues which have arisen due to inadvertent exclusion of certain provisions in SRO 112(1)/2011 dated 11.02.2011, which were already provided in the draft Rules published vide SRO 865(1)/2010 dated 07.09.2010 and the proposals on insertion of new provisions in the SRO 112(1)/2011 dated February 11, 2011 were discussed in the meeting. Taxation Committee of the Board of Karachi Stock Exchange was headed by Abdul Qadir Memon.