Sindh Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirzas statement on Sunday that no office of the PML-N in Sindh would be spared if the PPP Ministers were fired in Punjab and his warning that, though not a bully, he would like to act like one in case the national interest came under threat is a sad reflection on his credentials both as an individual and as a leader. He ought to choose his words carefully given his status as the Sindhs Home Minister. This is a far cry from the policy of reconciliation that the PPP leadership is boasting about round the clock. Most importantly, such remarks serve no useful purpose except for creating further tension between the two major allies. This is not for the first time that Mr Mirza is spitting venom against another political party. He should know that though in the past he had made threatening statements against the MQM but very soon he had to go over to the Nine Zero. This does not benefit anybody except for bringing a bad name to him and his party. It is pretty clear that shadow boxing of the sort only intensifies the political temperature. Mr Mirza may be a diehard PPP worker but his style of communicating with his rivals is hardly useful for the party that he claims to be serving. Karachi is a city that is already rocked by ethnic violence and politically motivated crime. Against this backdrop his threat to drive out PML-N workers and raid their offices in Karachi will obviously spark more unrest and create trouble for all. The harangue also reeks of petty parochialism, which has been the bane of our political landscape. The PPP leadership needs to take strict notice and urge its over-enthusiastic minister to be cautious while making public speeches. It is for Prime Minister Gilani or President Zardari to decide how to respond to the PML-N deadline of 45 days for implementing its agenda. The country needs political stability and not such maverick politicians who only spread confusion, and uncertainty for the sake of cheap popularity.