LAHORE Reviving the street theatre culture and adopting a new way of protest, a student group 'Goonj on Monday staged 'Mout Ka Khail (death game) on the issue Raymond Davis at Jain Mandir Chowk. The students, through their characters highly criticised the American interference in third world countries especially in Pakistan. They portrayed the role of American spy agencies in dramatic way and snapped the killings of three innocent Pakistanis by American agents. The play motivates the citizens and also rulers to rethink our borders and national sovereignty. The play depicted that Davis is one character while there is an established network of American secret agencies that are doing everything to destabilise the country. On the occasion, Muhammad Shoaib, one of artist, told TheNation that the purpose of the play was to aware the masses. He said they would do more plays on Davis case and other social issues in order to record their voice. A large number of commoners admired the team of Goonj and shouted slogans against the US, demanding death penalty for Raymond Davis.