KARACHI The PPP and MQM, once again, confronted each other in the Sindh Assembly on Monday on the issue of regularisation of lower grade employees of education department, who have been staging demonstrations for the last many days, when the Chief Minister reneged on his promise to regularise them through a bill some time this week. The two coalition partners, who were hugging and embracing each other just 72 hours ago at MQMs headquarter Nine Zero, suddenly were at each other in the assembly well when the Chief Minister took a U-turn on the regularisation issue and backpedalled on his own promise made to the MQM ministers on regularisation, taking a new posture on the issue. The MQM which had been assured by the Chief Minister on regularisation were aghast when the chief executive of the province told them on the floor of the house that due procedure of employment will be followed in the matter instead of regularising them through a bill as previously agreed upon between the two parties. The MQM drafted the bill and handed it over to law department for officially presenting to the assembly for approval. The approved bill would automatically regularise the services of 7,187 employees of grade 1 to 4. However, when the Chief Minister suggested that due procedure of employment, the MQM got upset because they said that the leader of the house was backtracking from the promise made to them on the issue. The MQM felt that the Chief Minister was trying to delay the regularisation by following a long and tortuous method of employment which could be seen as suspicious by the employees. When the assembly was set in motion by Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro in the Chair at 10:45 a.m. it was expected that things will move smoothly on the floor of the house but suddenly there was tension and long arguments between the two coalition partners after the PML-F lawmaker Nusrat Sehar Abbasi, on a point of order, drew the attention of the house towards regularisation of lower grade employees of education department. She demanded of the chief minister to announce the regularisation of these employees. After Sindh Law Minister Ayaz Soomro and Senior Education Minister Pir Mazhar ul Haq delivered long meaningless speeches, Syed Sardar Ahmed of MQM gave the details how the MQM MPAs along with PPP leaders Rashid Rabbani, Waqar Mehdi and Siddique Abu Bhai visited the protesting employees and held negotiations with them. Later they contacted Chief Minister and Governor who agreed to regularise them and advised that all legal lacunas should be removed while doing so after they were told that same kind of employees in Punjab were officially absorbed without going into tortuous delaying method, which would prolonged their agony. The protesting employees also provided documentary evidence in the support of their case. After that, Sardar Ahmed said, the chief minister agreed to solve the problem, when he was briefed about it in detail. It was agreed that a bill will be presented in the Sindh assembly by Friday, which will formally regularised the employees. Sardar Ahmed said that he had drafted the bill and handed it over to the law department for further action. However, when the Chief Minister reneged on his promises made earlier, the MQM attitude suddenly became harsh. The cool headed Sardar Ahmed lost his cool and said that, if the promises made by the legislators and ministers were not honored, there was no point in sitting in the assembly. Raza Haroon, another sober member of MQM, suddenly turned harsh and declared that if the employees were not regularised, the MQM will; join the protest. Before the matter could go out of hand, Speaker Nisar Ahmed made a smart move and intervened to lower the temperature down. A house committee comprising Senior Education Minister Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq, Finance Minister Murad Ali Shah, Syed Sardar Ahmed and Raza Haroon was formed to look into the matter and come up with proposals/ strategy within a week. Earlier, the house took up question and answer hour of wildlife department. A minority member Cheetan Malabani took oath. He has replaced Ram Singh Sodho, who along with his family had shifted to India. The house was adjourned till Tuesday morning after completion of the agenda.