I do not need Obama or Clinton, I will free Egypt with my dad and mom. - A young Egyptian protestor in Tahrir Square, Cairo Viva Egyptians: To all Egyptians, young and old, men and women, husbands and wives, grandfathers and grandmothers, children and youth, students and teachers, workers and executives, the ill and healthy, the grieved and dead, Muslims, Christians and Jews, and all writers, journalists, lawyers, novelists and the martyrs of Tahrir Square in the struggle to liberate their country from tyranny, foreign domination, poverty, greed, and oppressionViva Egypt Viva Egypt Post-January 26th Egypt is the face of the epitome of human civilisation. It is the embodiment of hope, struggle and determination for the transformation of humanity from the state of oppression to emancipation, and from the illegitimacy of political power to the transfer of power to the people who are the legitimate heirs of a democratic society. Todays Egypt is the fabulous visage of political elegance, refinement, gracefulness, sagacious harmony and, above all, it is a reflection of a classical purism of national political harmonious simplicity. It is this simplistic and yet profoundly sophisticated political behaviour that has made the Egyptian Revolution a living reality. The remarkable tolerance, self-management, organisational skills, sacrifices and resolute political and personal determination of the Egyptian masses has once and for all smashed the Wests fabricated myth that people in the East, particularly in the majority Muslim nations, are not ready or fit for democracy. The Egyptian January 2011 Peoples Revolution has changed the entire political script from the beginning to the end. In absolute totality, it is a clear and visible indictment against a US-western-led global political and economic social order that has kept many nations in craftily-engineered worldwide imperialist bondage since the end of the colonial era. Step back a few decades to independence movements in Asia, Africa and other parts of the world: Western Europe, having gone through mutual military in an attempt to maintain colonial control, and faced with growing independence movements in the restless colonised nations, finally had no option other than to scale back completely its colonial enterprise destruction (it is a myth that Hitler was solely responsible for World War II). But the intrinsic will and the colonial mindset to continue control in the newly independent nations was never replaced with a political doctrine or an ideology of the equality of nations and the promotion of democracy in the emerging new world post-World War II. The financial gains, the political perks, the psyche of domination, the racist superiority complex of the white nations, and the military-political means to control the political structure and political culture of the newly independent nations were far too attractive and readily available to let go of the colonial mentality and the desire to have power over other nations. Consequently, a new world order was carved post-World War II under the leadership of the US and its cohort, the devastated Western Europe. What the US and West did for the newly independent nations was to install military dictatorships; promote reactionary and repressive indigenous political leaderships; plant non-government organisations to impact national domestic policies; introduce financial global institutions to streamline financial management to their own advantage; interfere in domestic politics through aid packages; furnish military aid in the form of equipment and training; undertake ineffective and stagnant conflict-resolution management (take for example Palestine, Kashmir, etc); and expand international treaties for the containment of diverse humanistic ideologies (opposed to the US-western doctrine of capitalistic democracy) topped off with military bases all over the world. In this vicious cycle of the post-independence era, Muslim nations and their masses have been the latest victims of the US-Wests undiminished psyche and gross appetite to control and dominate global politics. Hosni Mubarak, the Shah of Iran, Musharraf in Pakistan, and scores of other ruthless dictators all around the world are the visible examples of the political venom, deceit, corruption and manipulation that the US-West has so carefully, so diligently, so craftily introduced into the bloodstream of the newly independent nations. It has been a national cancerous ailment that is still consuming these nations from within - imposed from the outside. Egypts January 26th revolution instigated by the peoples power is, in fact, the start of the ultimate battle against this US-western global domination, hegemony and hypocrisy. This ultimate battle has just started - and the people in Muslim nations have a long way to go. It is a prolonged struggle that can be accomplished only by the masses determination to prevail in their democratic aspirations, and to fight for equality, socio-economic justice, cultural renaissance, self-reliance and independence from the US and the West. Do not be mistaken - do not be carried away, not for a moment - from the extensive rhetoric emanating from Washington, Bonn, London, Paris, Tel Aviv, and other western capitals in support of the Egyptian, Tunisian, Algerian and other democratic revolutionary movements in the making in the wake of Ben Ali and Mubaraks fall. Behind the scenes, the US-Wests political establishments tried hard enough to pull the rug out from under the feet of the Egyptian Revolution. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is on record to have said: Our assessment is that the Egyptian government is stable and is looking for ways to respond to the legitimate needs and interests of the Egyptian people. She also supported the idea of a transition process led by Omar Suleiman, a man hated by all Egyptians, known for carrying out the torture of prisoners personally, and involved in Israels war again the Palestinian people, including the Gaza holocaust. Suleimans only credentials were that he was 100 percent pro-Israel and 100 percent pro-US. American Vice President Joe Biden said: I would not refer to him (Mubarak) as a dictator. Frank Wisner, Obamas Special Envoy sent to Egypt right in the middle of the crisis, said it was critical that Mubarak stayed in power. Robert Gibbs, White House Spokesman, said: We are not picking between those on the streets and those in the government. And Republican Senator John McCain, former presidential candidate, said that the US should consider suspending aid to the Egyptian military. Imagine, this was the kind of support that the US top political leadership was extending to the Egyptian revolutionaries fighting for democracy in Tahrir Square - ironic and amazing, isnt it? In western European capitals, the muted responses to the political developments in Tahrir Square were pathetic. David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, standing outside 10 Downing Street, seemed to be drowning in agony to acknowledge that the peoples power was about to prevail in Egypt. It was as if Cameron was reading his own obituary. In Bonn and Paris, the obviously stressed leadership, on the unexpected turn of political events at such an incredible pace, seemed to be grieving at the possibility of losing control and domination in those African nations - and perhaps in global affairs. Now Obama and the rest of the western European leaders are trying to hijack the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions, acting as if they are to be credited with inspiring the democratic spirit. It is simply empty rhetoric as usual - deceptive and manipulative. Obama is full of so much eloquent nonsense, wrote an eminent political analyst recently. The ultimate battle against foreign organised and supported oppression, tyranny, social injustice, poverty and elitist political leadership in Muslim nations has just begun. It is going to be a long struggle.But we will prevail by our sheer will, determination, and political awarenessand civility - No question about it Let me say this to the US and western leadership: Either you are with us or against us, the revolutionary people The choice is yours. The writer is a professor, political analyst and conflict-resolution analyst. Email: hl_mehdi@hotmail.com