ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Monday, while giving policy statement in the National Assembly, reiterated his governments resolve that the courts would decide the issue of provision of immunity to US citizen Raymond Davis. The Prime Minister on the opening day of the Lower Houses last session of the parliamentary calendar condemned the incident of killings of two Pakistanis by Raymond Davis and the death of a third person by a US Consulate vehicle in Lahore and termed the incident tragic. The entire nation has strongly condemned these incidents and demanded justice. I, once again, condemn this tragic, sad and unfortunate incident, the PM added. He also extended his sorrows, sympathies and condolences on behalf of the government and all members of the House to the grieved families. He terming the matter as sub judice said that there were differences of opinion in the case of Davis, on the issues of interpretation and applicability of international and national laws between Pakistan and the United States. This is because of ambiguity and inconsistency that is reflected in the available record, the PM said. He said that they were mindful of their international obligations under the Vienna Conventions and other international legal instruments to which they were signatory. The Prime Minister said that Lahore High Court in its order on February 1, 2011 said, The matter of enjoying diplomatic status by the accused has neither been arisen so far nor the same has been claimed on behalf of the accused persons...if any matter on immunity arises in future that can be determined by the courts of law. He assured the house as well as masses that the government would adopt a course that fully accorded with dictates of justice and the rule of law, adding that both governments of Pakistan and US would not allow the Davis case to come in the way of their mutually beneficial partnership. I want to assure this House and the nation that my government will not compromise on Pakistans sovereignty and dignity, he said. The Prime Minister said that they were the inheritors of the political tradition and legacy of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and they would continue to stand by it. However, Parliamentary Leader of PML-Q in the Lower House Faisal Saleh Hayat making mockery of the PMs statement regarding Bhuttos legacy said that perhaps he was right as Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh, Hina Rabbani Khar and Firdous Ashaq Awan were the representatives of this legacy. He on a point of order while showing his reservations on the Prime Ministers speech said that the government should inform categorically whether or not Davis enjoyed immunity. He termed the question of immunity as a multibillion dollar. He also said that the parliamentarians were being denied to access to information regarding Davis as the meeting of National Assemblys Standing Committee was summoned on the issue but later it was postponed. JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on a point of order also endorsed the point of view of Faisal Saleh Hayat on the issue of immunity. He demanded of the government to clear ambiguities on the issue of Davis as different views and opinions were coming from different sides. He said that it was the combined responsibility of the federal as well as Punjab government to handle the issue. The nature of Davis passport as well as the status of his visa should be cleared, he added. He said that the government was following wrong policies on strategic relations with US, war on terrorism and FATA. Maulana Fazl drew the attention of the government towards the military operation being conducted in tribal areas and human rights violations in the guise of military operations. He asserted that the government was not ready to review its foreign policy. If we go through the contents of our foreign policy, it will be difficult for us to talk about Kashmir issue, he said. Minister for Law, Justice & Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan introduced two bills before the House - The Shifa Tameer-e-Millat University Islamabad Bill, 2011, and The Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill, 2011. The house also passed The National Defence University Bill, 2009 with the majority of vote. Ms Qudsia Arshad through a call attention notice raised the issue of non-payment of pension to the retired employees of Pakistan Railways for the last two months that was rebutted by Minister for Railways Bashir Ahmed Balour. Raja Asad Khan on a call attention notice said that the export of cotton yarn had caused adverse effects on the local textile and cottage industry causing the flow of local investment towards Bangladesh. Khurshid Shah was of the view that issue of energy shortfall and terrorism were the main reasons behind this capital flight, adding the matter was of great importance and the house should debate the issue. Later the Speaker adjourned the House till 10:00 a.m. Tuesday. Meanwhile, Gilani appraised the coalition governments parliamentarians of the steps being taken by the government to bring improvements in the overall economy and administration of state entities. Sources further informed that the issue of Raymond Davis also figured in the meeting and it was the consensus view of the MPs that the matter should be settled through the court of law and in this connection government had taken a principled stand. While chairing the parliamentary party meeting of Pakistan Peoples Party and its allied parties in the government here on Monday afternoon the Prime Minister also briefed MPs about the ongoing negotiations of the government with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and other parties for economic reforms and informed that during his meetings with PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif and other leaders the deadline issue never emerged. The sources in the ruling coalition informed that federal minister for law, justice and parliamentary affairs and federal finance minister also briefed the meeting about the measures taken by the government for the economic spruce up and about the progress made on the negotiations with PML-N on the implementation of the 10-point agenda given by Mian Nawaz Sharif to the government. Later, briefing the media persons about the meeting Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the Prime Minister while addressing the meeting reiterated the governments resolve to continue with the policy of reconciliation and avoiding confrontation. She further told the newsmen that the Prime Minister took the parties into confidence about the overall economic situation of the country, particularly the ongoing negotiations with PML-N and other parties committees for economic reforms. She said the minister for law, justice and parliamentary affairs and finance minister briefed the parliamentary party meeting about the progress in negotiations with the PML-N committee as well as their concerns with regard to economic issues. The matter of 45-day deadline was also discussed, she said, adding the Prime Minister told the meeting that during his meetings with the PML-N leadership, they did not talk about any deadline. The minister for information and broadcasting further said that the meeting also discussed the overall economic situation in the country, adding, major economic indicators were moving in positive direction. She in this respect referred to the countrys exports, which are expected to cross $22 billion, remittances to touch $10 billion and foreign exchanges reserves already crossing $17 billion. Dr Firdous said the economic position would further improve in the coming months, adding, but political stability is a must for economic stability. Afzaal Hameed from Bahawalphur adds: Prime Minister Gilani on Monday said we have no need to make fake documents and the case of Raymond Davis, the American who killed two Pakistanis, would be decided according to the national interest in accordance with the law. Talking to journalists at Sadiq Public School, Bahawalpur after attending the founding day of the school as the chief guest, the PM said that the government wanted to resolve all issues with a mutual understanding as no party in the country was in a position to deal with all issues single-handedly. We are trying to resolve issues with reconciliation. Referring to Mian Nawaz Sharifs 10-point agenda, he said that public opinion would be given preference and we wanted to settle all issues according to public aspirations. About the restoration of Bahawalpurs provincial status, Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani said it would also be decided according to the constitution and public demands. To a query about former foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshis statements, the PM said it would be better to serve the party according to the party rules. The prime minister said that till the appointment of a new foreign minister, he himself would have to act as foreign minister. About PML-Ns 10 point agenda, Gilani said more time is needed for its implementation. He announced a grant of Rs 5 million for the Bahawalpur Press Club and promised approving a residential colony for local journalists.