One feels disappointed at how our lawmakers find dubious ways to institutionalize opportunities of confusion and corruption. A new bill (Bill No.7 of 2009) has been placed before the Sindh Assembly, ostensibly to protect the 'amenity plots and prevent their conversion, but in reality the bill does just the opposite. Section 4 of the bill provides a special window of opportunity enabling the Provincial Assembly to arbitrarily convert any amenity plot (intended for parks, playgrounds, schools, hospitals, libraries etc) to any other use. If passed the bill will further (and rapidly) take away our already limited open spaces, our playing fields, our beach fronts and our parks and will pave the way for greedy corporate, residential and commercial occupation. Are there some men and women of conscience in the Sindh Assembly who will take a position to have this anti-city, anti-environment and arbitrary section 4 removed from the bill? Will the citizens come together to force their representatives not to agree on this unethical legislation? NAEEM SADIQ, Karachi, February 20.