The rising cases of vigilantism in the country should be a concern for the police apparatus. Only in the current month of February there have been two cases of public lynching, of robbers and bandits in the city of Karachi. Karachi has become a city, which is notorious for its deteriorating law and order situation. The recent lynching took place, when robbers were escaping after committing a crime at the office of the advocate. The previous public vigilantism was seen at a market place, when bandits were trying to flee after robbing a shopkeeper. These extra judicial killings should be an eye opener for the administration, which show that the public has lost its trust on the police and prefer to resolve the increasing crime rate issue themselves, by taking the law into their own hands. It also makes evident the perception of the police being the part of the problem, rather than the solution. YAHYA AHMAD, Islamabad, February 21.