LAHORE Responding to a legal notice of the PML(Q) leader Ch. Wajahat Hussain, the legal consultant of Zafar Qureshi, Additional Director General, FIA, Khawaja Saeed uz Zafar has stated that: 'my client is performing his official duties and heading the investigation of the NlCLs affairs in accordance with the directives of the Supreme Court. 'Any attempt by you to threaten my client or thwart the investigation by way of the legal notice or ,otherwise, renders you liable for criminal prosecution under Sections 186 and 189 of the Pakistan Penal Code as well as punishment under the Contempt of Court Ordinance 2003, he added. In his legal notice, Khawaja Saeed further said:'You are therefore advised to immediately recall the legal notice dated 14.2.2011 within a period of seven days of receipt of this notice failing which my client reserves the right to sue you for defamation and libel for issuing a slanderous and fabricated legal notice. 'As regards the contents of your legal notice, it is apparent that the same pertains to summoning of Moonis Elahi with reference to investigation of the NICL scam. You are therefore neither the alleged aggrieved person nor authorised by the same to issue any legal notice which has been, inter alia, incompetently issued and liable to be immediately recalled by you, Khawaja stated. The legal consultant in his notice further said that it is needless to mention that my client is not a politician and certainly has no concern with the political goals sought to be achieved by your political party, yourself or Moonis Elahi. He took the plea that all the allegations contained therein pertain to actions taken by his client in pursuance of his official duties as required by his job as the Additional Director General, FIA. He also mentioned Section 8 of the Federal Investigation Act of 1975 a perusal of which is necessary: '8. Indemnity. No suit, prosecution or other legal proceeding shall lie against the Federal Govt, any member of the Agency or any other person exercising any power or performing any function under this Act or the rules for anything which is in good faith done or intended to be done under this Act or the rules. 'As a settled principle of law, there is also a presumption of correctness attached to the acts of Government functionaries. Hence, a heavy burden is placed upon you to substantiate your vague and illusory allegations, Khawaja said. 'Without prejudice to the aforesaid, my client is not responsible for any material published in the print media. In addition, it is expressly denied that my client made any such statement as alleged by you. It is pertinent to state that you have made frivolous and false allegations against my client who has had a professional career spanning over several decades wherein nothing but integrity and respect has been attributed to his personal and professional qualities, he added. It is pertinent to mention here that Ch. Wajahat Hussain and a private company (At-Tahur Pvt Ltd) had issued legal notices to Zafar Qureshi and warned him that he was maligning the personality of Moonis Elahi and damaging reputation of the company rather than investigating the case.