A couple of days back, I read reports in the newspapers that car sales in the country had registered an over 20 percent increase during July to December 2011 period as compared to the corresponding period of the last year. In plain words, this means thousands of more cars hitting the roads. With more cars in such large number on roads, this also means increased petrol, diesel and CNG consumption by and large. Obvious result is rapid increase in the oil import bill. It is a bitter fact that not even 50 percent of the petrol and diesel consumed annually in the country is produced locally and as such there is increased dependence on imported oil.

With number of vehicles on roads increasing, it is rather strange that no concerted efforts are being made both in the public and private sectors to find out some technology for instance a scientifically developed equipment which can be helpful in fuel saving, both directly and indirectly, by giving same required mileage with somewhat reduced fuel consumption without effecting engine’s strength.

Such a technology should be environment friendly to a great extent for minimising smoke emission on the roads. When I discussed this matter with a friend of mine asking him that we direly need to do something to control fuel consumption in order to keep the oil import bill within the available resources of the country, he was excited.

He agreed with me, went up to his car and returned with some leaflet in his hand. The leaflet contained information about a small technology innovative equipment which if plugged in a car could help in saving fuel consumption up to 25 percent.

The cost was quite reasonable and the saving by consuming less fuel for more mileage was enormous. Rising petrol, diesel and CNG prices despite frequent shortages and closure of petrol pumps are quite obviously out of the control of the people. This equipment hence will help the country greatly.


Lahore, January 16.