We celebrate the birthday of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with ineffable zeal and fervour every year on the 12th of Rabi-ulAwal. All the important buildings and mosques are magnificently decked and illuminated on the eve of Milad day. Quite well before the advent of the holy month of Rabi-ul-Awal people start decorating the streets, bazaars and houses with buntings and flags. One can see a green flag almost on the top of every building on which the logo of the shoe of the Holy Prophet is imprinted.

I praise the hoisting of such flags atop the houses but would sincerely request the people to bring them down immediately after the Milad day celebrations are over. One can witness such flags fluttering for an indefinite time. Once hoisted on the top of the houses, these flags remain there to undergo storms and rains the ferocity of which tear them and sometimes they can be seen lying flat on streets. In my humble opinion, it is a desecration of the flag. Thus, the sooner they are removed after the Milad day, the better it is.


WahCantt, February 20.