LAHORE – The final inquiry report wherein inquiry officer has recommended action against Lawrence Garden (Jinnah Garden) Project Director Shahid Iqbal is lying with Anti-Corruption Establishment Director General for Punjab for the last five days due to unknown reasons, said an applicant while talking to TheNation.

The applicant claimed that the director received Rs 40,000 as bribe from him for running his business unhindered. Haji Muhammad Ashfaq, who had been a contractor of extracting honey from the trees in the Park for the last 40 years, in his application to the ACE DG blamed that Director Shahid Iqbal has not only received Rs 40,000 from him as bribe but also rejected his contract after receiving the said amount.

The contract was given to Ashfaq resident of Nayya Mozang Samanabad He also complained and said that after five months the director demanded the said amount from him as bribe which he paid him but after two months he demanded the amount again. He said that he requested the director to give him some time to arrange the amount but director became furious and on the pretext of ill sanitary conditions in the garden he not only stopped him from extracting honey but asked his personal staff to extract the honey.

After this action, he contacted DG ACE and told the whole story. He marked his application to Director Region for inquiry. Director Region assigned the duty to Assistant Director, Faiza Ahsan to look into the matter.

Ashfaq said that inquiry officer after thorough inquiry sent the matter to legal section seeking legal opinion for registration of case.  Applicant claimed that legal section also recommended action but Director ACE issued order for re-inquiry into the issue. “We again contacted DG ACE and put the matter to his notice on which DG called for the file and which is now is lying with him”, Ashfaq concluded. When Director Shahid Iqbal was contacted to give his point of view, he did not attend his cell phone despite repeated efforts.

Director ACE Lahore Region, Ijaz Ch also did not attend his cell phone.