LAHORE –Leader of Jamhoori Watan Party Shahzain Bugti has warned that people of other provinces will have to visit Balochistan after getting visa if the voice of the pro-Pakistan leaders to solve issues of the Baloch people is heard.

He issued this warning while talking to the editors, columnists and anchor persons during a luncheon at a local hotel on Tuesday.  He announced that his party would not take part in elections, as the Baloch nationalists were pushed to the wall after their near and dear ones were killed in Karachi. Shahzain said he had proposed an eight-point formula for addressing the issues of Balochistan and if the prime minister considered his suggestions the Baloch leaders might attend the All Parties Conference (APC).

Alleging the FC of supervising killings of sister and niece of Baramdagh Bugti in Karachi, he claimed that the killings were a message to the Bugti tribe that any extreme action could be taken against them, adding that incidents of target killing started in Pervez Musharraf regime.

Shahzain claimed that army chief’s statement regarding no military operation in Balochistan was not true, as there were more than one hundred thousand troops stationed in Dera Bugti.

He, while accusing the security forces of involved in some incidents of Punjabis’ target killings in Balochistan, maintained that a personnel of the security forces was caught during an incident of target killing.

Shahzain said Baramdagh Bugti was living in Switzerland, adding that he would have been killed like his sister if he would have been in the country.