LAHORE – Dr. Ali Qazilbash, Chair, Department of Law & Policy delivered a lecture on ‘The Current State of Cyber Laws in Pakistan’ at the Punjab Judicial Academy, Lahore. This was his second training lecture delivered to Additional Sessions Judges and Advocates of High Court Lahore. These lectures are a part of a Capacity Building Programme designed to keep judicial officers and Advocates of High Courts updated with the latest techniques and knowledge on Cyber Laws, says a press release.

In his presentation, Dr. Qazilbash provided an introduction on the evolution of Cyber Laws from their inception to their current state, and explained how Cyber Laws are used in different jurisdictions, including the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.  Since the lapse of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Ordinance 2009, at present Pakistan is devoid of cyber-specific laws, and the courts have no recourse but to rely on the more generally applicable Criminal Procedure Code.

 Dr. Qazilbash thus urged that the legislature to promulgate the appropriate law to cope with cyber-related crimes in the country so as to remove ambiguity in this matter and protect the rights of the people.

He also cited various important judgments pronounced by Pakistan’s superior courts on the matter and also answered the questions of the participants regarding cyber laws and their application in the country and around the world.