Respected Mr. President,

Today I take the privilege of writing to you about Dr. Aafia Siddiqiue, who’s welfare is of utmost importance not only to the people of Pakistan but also to all those living as expatriates throughout the World.

Though Mr. President whatever we perceive and then conceive of a particular situation – I would neither embark upon the integrity of any judicial system nor dare undermine the verdict of any court – especially, when being civilized nations, justice is one of the solid foundations we all stand on. But this is different, a woman being tried for something she might never have committed – but we know that the tension of terrorism that has touched our social structure all over the World today, especially Pakistan – we can understand her trauma of sensibilities, if she ever really did commit this crime. Here the main question is, her very frail and a half dead personality, which on humanitarian grounds, you will agree needs to be addressed to immediately.

Mr. President you will appreciate that the system of justice developed by mankind is for its protection and gives us too, the opportunity of giving someone a chance to improve if they wish to become responsible citizens. We cannot rule out, that the man in the black robe with the hammer never blinks or many a times the decisions made are not in political context.

Often decisions are obstinate, arrogant, based on racism at times – which brings stagnation of feelings which when thwartled can even result in an outburst of rebellion – and in Pakistan which is already a victim of terrorism this could result in social and political conflict – which Mr. President in these turbulent times would be just like a ticking time bomb.

Mr. President you stand for change – the different race you belong to has faced the taste of racism and discrimination and long waited for reward – which in your form today stands in front of the entire World, undaunted and courageous as an omen for a new beginning. All look forth to you for your decisions and the new precedences you make in the face of any difficulty. Today in the USA thousands of Blacks face imprsionment – many held for no crime committed at all, even your social stories are replete with examples of one man army who just rose against some obstinate judicial decision or wrong doing – but all such people have deep set psychological problems and need to be pardoned and rehabilitated.

A festering wound of the mind often makes us indulge into an offense which we might never fall prey to – if given a chance.

Mr. President we as global ambassadors of very democratic political systems, have to act in coordination and simultaneously keep the heat down – with the power of decisions many times contrary to the system – though difficult yet bold and rewarding. Mr. President, not at all to question the court decision, I would humbly suggest that many a time a sentence can be commuted and that decsion can result in a complete pardon. Mr. President, let us all give this woman a chance to relive – relive a life to the fullest as a responsible citizen of Pakistan. Your pardon can be subject to a complete monitoring and responsibility of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui on behalf of the Government of Pakistan the period, sentenced.

With this I rest my arguments Mr. President, as there can always be a war of words – but diplomacy at such crossroads and turbulent times is the best of policy. I would again appeal on behalf of all humanity especially the people of Pakistan to grant complete “PARDON” to Dr. Aafia Siddiqui – a half dead woman already tormented – a punishment enough for a lifetime. Please do give consideration to what I have humbly requested for! It is just another miserable life – let us all together give her a chance to regain her “being” – let us not subject our decisions to being obstinate.

Let it not be a matter of honour, as human life even today is above all.

Mr. President use your power to pardon a suffering being and show the dawn of change that we all still await.

Hope Mr. President for the best of ties between both nations and our complete cooperation as a new rising national political force in Pakistan.I close with my best regards and highest of consideration.


Lahore, February 21, 2012