LAHORE - Former president Pervez Musharraf has said that he is being wrongly implicated in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto although he had no role to play in the tragedy.

According to a TV channel, the self-exiled former COAS-president claimed that the slain PPP chairperson did not regard him as a threat to herself.

Gen Musharraf said it was not his duty as the then president to provide security to the PPP leader.  He said nobody should forget that President Zardari had already stated that he knew who had killed his wife.

According to the TV report, Gen Musharraf had informed Bhutto about the likely threats to her life in case she returned to Pakistan before the 2008 elections. Benazir, he said, wanted to get cases against her withdrawn – and this is precisely what was done.

He asked as to who had advised Ms Bhutto to get out of her vehicle’s sunroof (when she was targeted by assailants). Musharraf said Rehman Malkin was not present in any of the meetings he held with Benazir Bhutto in connection with a political deal between the two.