SAHIWAL - A PTI leader has claimed that only his party can bring about a revolution in the country and the revolution will be based on justice.

Talking to media persons, Malik Muhammad Yar Dhakoo said that Imran Khan was a popular leader among the masses. He said that the PPP and the PML-N, had failed to come up to the nation’s expectations. He further added that the Zardari government brought all institutions to the verge of collapse, leaving the masses to face increasing dearness. He also criticised the PML-N Punjab government.

Yar further said that the people will vote for the candidates of both the parties in the forthcoming general elections. He said that young worker would be in the vanguard of his party, The PTI was straggling for democracy and social justice while the rulers were hoodwinking the masses with falls promises and reneging on their pledges, he said.

He also said that every institution had been ruined during the PPP’s four years rule, adding that the PPP had failed to deliver as was expected.