The sentiment displayed at the Difa-e-Pakistan Council’s sit-in on Monday should be enough to send ripples of unease through the federal government. One of the speakers did not mince his words when he warned that they would stop the Nato supplies even if they have to take to the roads and even if bullets are sprayed on them. Yet another emotionally charged speaker commanded the council’s rank and file – reportedly in thousands -- to hold their flags upside down and to jab them up in the space repeatedly, meant as sabre-rattling against the US.

Interestingly, the DPC on Monday did not restrict its agenda to one issue, but their outpourings took on the character of a personal vendetta against the government and even mainstream political parties. Speakers talked of the Balochistan cauldron as well as taking swipes at the Prime Minister for defying the Supreme Court’s orders. The DPC plans to take out a rally in Balochistan as well. It initially demanded that the government ensures the ban on Nato supplies and stop drone attacks. With the passage of time they are including every issue where they think the government has been found wanting. And even mainstream leaders have begun to applaud the DPC’s vociferousness in confronting the government.

At the same time there are those who draw comparisons with our hobnobbing with militants in the past and how the genie got out of the bottle. Having said that, the ongoing protests and demonstrations could get out of hand. The option of use of force is with the government as it earlier ordered the arrest of the council’s top brass that will only amount to stirring up a veritable hornet’s nest. Also a section of the population views these activists as saviours, so far as stopping drone attacks are concerned. And keeping in view the prevailing resentment against the federal setup, it would be further interesting to see if they draw a large crowd in Balochistan.

There is yet more news which will further stoke their anger. It says in a report in this paper that the loss of Rs 120 million arising from damage to roads by Nato containers could not be recovered. The roads have been rendered almost unfit for domestic traffic.

Tribesmen are dying each day largely through the drone strikes, creating new generations of suicide bombers for Pakistan, not the US, to contend with. One can only wonder where is the government in the prevailing maelstrom? Since small matters like the recovery of amount Nato owes us could not be settled, there is definitely something rotten in the state of Denmark.