Education plays an important role in a nation’s development. It is sad that this otherwise dauntless sector has become commercialized in Pakistan. Educational standard of the universities in the private sector, even the reputed ones, has deteriorated. I have witnessed unworthy students being admitted to such institutes on favorable packages and then getting their way throughout their academic year. There have been instances where post-graduate students are being taught by graduates. It is a pity that we sell education in packages. Almost every university and college practices this bizarre pattern. Having a degree and earning a degree are two very different things. More people should be encouraged to earn a degree, not just to get one.

Moreover, affiliations are awarded without proper scrutiny, culpability and planning. Consequently, we see colleges and universities in dark alleys and back streets, providing substandard education. The HEC and relevant authorities need to take urgent measures to stop such wicked practices and thereby putting an end to devastating commercialization.


Lahore, February 18.