The report that says that Kamran Faisal committed suicide raises more questions than it answers; how can anyone explain the marks on his body? Does anyone torture himself before committing suicide? How can it be disapproved that late Kamran was hanged forcefully by a gang of killers and he sustained injuries while defending himself!

Why was no extensive photography and x-rays, CT scan done? Why was the post mortem not aired from PIMS? How come the head of the autopsy board was not an experienced Pathologist and Forensic Specialist? Why were no fingerprints taken?

The findings of Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA), a medical board under the supervision of consultant surgeon of Poly Clinic declared Kamran Faisal death’s as suicide. It must not be forgotten that ED OD Poly Clinic is husband of late Fouzia Wahab and a staunch PPP supporter. This may answer the reason why the autopsy was done at the Poly Clinic and why ED is so enthusiastic about proving that Kamran Faisal’s death was a suicide!


Lahore, February 17.