Pakistani politician’s sincerity with democracy can be determined by the fact how serious they are about social, political, economic, religious and sectarian problems of the people. The political stability and the evolution of democracy are essential for making progress in the modern era. The key to success in this regard is good governance. The political system and the democracy in a country like Pakistan cannot be stable and consistent until and unless the grievances of the citizens are heard and solved.

A political system, regardless of the fact that it is parliamentary democracy, presidential one or something else, is made for the welfare of the people. If it fails to deliver, the people lose interest in tales like ‘survival of democracy’, ‘end of dictatorship’ etc. Our history is full of such unpleasant incidents. Unfortunately the present government has done nothing, except chant slogans, to strengthen the democracy. In the last five years millions of people have lost their lives in bomb blasts, but no practical plan has been chalked out to eradicate the menace of terrorism. Our economy has collapsed. The investors are reluctant to invest in Pakistan. There are hundreds and thousands of problems which cannot be discussed here. Now the politicians will have to replace their traditional slogans with the practical work. Free and fair elections are the only way to save the democracy. This time rigging means another martial law.


Lahore, February 6.