SADIQABAD - During his visit to Sadiqabad, PML-F chief Pir Pagara Syed Sibghatullah Rashidi has said that in the current situation, it does not seem that general elections will be held on time, adding the Sindh card has been snatched from the PPP.

At the residence of Sher Khan at Zakariya Town, the leader of the Hurs met with his followers. Talking to the media, he said that Pakistan was passing through a critical phase as lawlessness was prevailing across the country. There was no writ of the government as about 110 people hailing from the Hazara community were killed in a terrorist attack in Quetta.  He claimed that the PML-F would perform well in the forthcoming general elections, adding that Sindh card had been snatched from the PPP. Now, he noted, the people of Sindh had become aware of right and wrong, and they could not be hoodwinked. He also announced that his party would field candidates across the country.

He maintained that his party supported the restoration of Bahawalpur province, urging the rulers to fulfill their promise in this regard. On the occasion, various local dignitaries including former federal minister Jazam, Lal Khan, Ahmad, M pervaiz, Abdul Rehman, Rizwan, Wahid Bakhsh, Dr Karim, M Mehar, M Ali, Haji Khan, Hakimullah, Ghulam Rasool among others were also present. Earlier, Pir Pagara was accorded a warm welcome. The followers also threw rose petals over their spiritual leader. Later, he participated in a luncheon organised by Sardar Saeed Ahamd in the former's honour. At Begarh Garhi, he was accorded a warm welcome. Afterwards, he visited a village of his followers near Chowk FFC.

Earlier, PML-N central leader and former federal minister Raees Munir Ahmad met with the spiritual leader of Hurs to get the PML-F's support for the N League's candidates in Rahim Yar Khan. During the meeting, both the leaders discussed political situation of Rahim Yar Khan and the country. The PML-F leader's purpose to visit the district was to ask his followers not to support the Punjab Governor in the forthcoming general elections as the latter has joined the PPP along with his sons. According to sources, the former federal minister has appealed to the leader of Hurs to support the PML-N candidates in the general elections.