BUREWALA - Jamaatud Dawah Pakistan Ameer Prof Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has said that the US-led Nato forces are not ready to digest their defeat in Afghanistan and foreign elements are involved in target killings unleashed in Karachi and bomb blasts in Quetta. The deteriorating law and order situation in Swat, Dir and Fata, especially in the commercial hub of the country Karachi and Quetta is being caused by the US and its cronies to avenge their defeat in Pakistan.

JuD Chief hafiz Saeed was addressing party workers here the other night.

Hafiz Saeed said that mujahideen defeated Russians in Afghanistan and now American-led Nato forces tasting the same kind of defeat at their hands, adding that they (Nato) were assuming that Pakistani mujahideen had contributed to their defeat in Afghanistan. He pointed out that foreign media was also propagating that Pakistan was responsible for the Nato forces defeat in Afghanistan. The JuD chief said that now the Nato forces wanted dialogue with Mullah Muhammad Umar and finding ways for ceasefire with Taliban, adding that all their efforts had rendered sterile and now they were looking towards Pakistan to help them come out of the quagmire. He said that earlier Americans were demanding Pakistan to do more but now the position had changed and Pakistan had asked them that they could take everything expect arms from Pakistan.

Hafiz Saeed claimed that the world did not want to see Pakistan economically strong and wanted to stop trade routes between East and West which was possible only through Gwadar Port. He elaborated that India was also worried due to American defeat in Afghanistan and had secured historic arms deal with France and Russia recently in a panic. The JuD chief observed that India was taking advantage of the critical situation in Pakistan and had constructed 62 dams on rivers flowing into Pakistan while Pakistan itself was grappling with severe energy crisis.

He averred that India wanted to weak Pakistan and stoppage of water not Pakistani river was part of this conspiracy. Hafiz Saeed said that 2013 and 2014 were difficult for Pakistanis but as a nation they would have to follow comprehensive strategy to deal with foreign conspiracies. He stressed that the nation would have to get society rid of sectarianism and discrimination to take the country towards progress and prosperity.