Obama's nomination for Nobel Peace Prize back in 2009 startled the world, particularly, the Muslim world which found itself dumbfounded whereas the Western society, on its part, could somehow justify him as a real champion of liberty, prosperity, peace and protection the Muslim world couldn’t. His being receiving of the award particularity with the adjective 'peace' aroused hot debates and contestation across the globe. Being a Muslim I still have those preservation against the biased or outwardly influenced and directed decision of Nobel Peace Prize Committee.

What was significant about that award was his address to NPP committee. Right at the outset of his speech he recognized the fact that war is sometimes necessary in order to maintain balance of power, to settle differences, to use it as a strategic deterrence. He said "We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals which we fight to defend". This was his final and most significant point. What are our ideals? The so-called ideals are to accomplish national integrity, fraternity among various sectarian communities, equality, to put an end to inequalities and injustices, to establish writ of the state.

We need to be sure that the war that we are about to wage is a 'just war’. I forecast that the Baloch are not marching toward Islamabad rather they are registering themselves in the black books of terrorists. We have kept them in limbo, their struggle for the recovery of missing people has been ignored, there is no progress in their province! Has anyone paid heed to those barefooted children who have no schools or health facilities available? Don't you think that their anger will instinctively be expressed, if we cannot help them resolve their mounting issues? It leaves me in quandary whom should we fight, the ones who are murdering us through backstabbing or the ones who are openly owing to the carnage in the country?


South Waziristan Agency, February 20.