Basant is celebrated every year on February 24 by flying colorful kites from rooftops, from fields, and from any open place they can get to. During the past ten years, some aristocrats of Lahore have introduced Basant as a local popular festival. Although Basant is a lot of fun for the most part, kite flying on the festival of Basant has had its share of protests and conflicts in the past, due to the rise of accidental deaths that occur on this day from kite flyers falling off roofs, or bicyclists being cut from unseen string as they pass by someone flying a kite.

Some people even have gone as far as to tie glass and metal to their strings as they participate in ‘Kite Fights’ which ultimately ruined this lovely festival. We are our worst enemies and know how to spoil every event. Pakistani government banned kite flying in 2005, and now kite flying has been  prohibited in all other days except on the Basant festival. The truth is that for majority of law abiding Pakistanis, this was a time for celebration, family get-togethers and most of them were very careful. Most Pakistanis do adhere to safety rules established by the Pakistani police and stay safe during what is supposed to be the most colorful festivals of the year but some tend to go over board and destroy the fun and take lives with their careless actions.


Karachi, February 18.