RAWALPINDI -  A brawl broke out between two senior doctors at District Headquarters Hospital on the issue for removing state-of-the-art machinery costing Rs 2.2 million from a room and setting up an office there.
Medical Superintendent DHQ Dr Nasir Mehmood took notice of the issue and directed both doctors to appear before him, informed reliable sources here on Friday.
According to sources, a furious clash occurred between Head of Orthopaedic Department Dr Nayyar Qayyum and Radiology Department Head Dr Ijaz when former asked later to remove a Doppler Ultra Sound Machine from a room located in newly constructed Modeller Operation Theatre, made with huge amount of Rs 50 million, as he wanted to establish his office there. However, Dr Ijaz refused to accept Dr Nayyar's request on which both quarrelled. "Dr Nayyar slapped Dr Ijaz who fell on the ground," sources added.
Hearing the noise, a large number of doctors and paramedical staff forwarded to pacify the senior doctors . Many other patients and their attendants witnessed this drama.
MS DHQ Dr Nasir Mehmood, when contacted for his comments, said that the issue was in his notice and he directed both the doctors to appear before him today (Saturday). "It is not a big issue . I will settle the dispute between the both senior doctors ," the MS claimed.