LAHORE - Jamaat e Islami chief Syed Munawar Hasan has said that if talks could not be held during continuity of terrorist activities, then talks could also not be carried on during the air strikes.  In a statement issued here on Friday, he stressed upon Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to reject US and Indian pressure, ignore the demand for the use of force, and restore the talks process.  He warned that the military action was the path of destruction and a conspiracy to build a wall of hatred between the masses and the Armed Forces.

The JI chief reiterated that the PM should personally lead the talks and invite the Taliban to the negotiating table directly, as this would help find a way out.

He said so far the PM had acted with great restraint and tolerance and expressed the hope that as the Chief Executive, the Prime Minister would pull the talks out of the deadlock.

The PM should hear the committees on both sides, and prove himself as a ray of hope instead of pushing the nation into despair, the JI chief said. He said that the jet strikes would only create panic instead of achieving any target.

He said due to air strikes, thousands of people were shifting from the area and moving towards Peshawar and Bannu which had created the problem of food and shelter for them.  He asked the media to give the viewpoint of both the sides instead of giving only one side version as this was unjust.

The JI chief said that peace could not be restored unless the root cause of terrorism was removed. He said the root cause was Pakistan’s jumping into the US so-called war on terror. If the government today announced pulling out of the terror war, the talks would not only be successful but the chaos and disruption on all sides would also end, he stated.

Munawar said that the US had dragged Pakistan into its war and the country became a target of terrorism.

He said the evidence of the US and India’s terrorism in the country was surfacing every day but the Foreign Ministry did not have the courage to lodge protest.

Foreign hands are also involved in the sectarian and ethnic terrorism, he added.

However, Prime Minister’s Foreign Advisor Sartaj Aziz is repeatedly asking the US not to abandon Pakistan after leaving Afghanistan, which was a matter of shame, he said. 

He said terrorism would continue as long as even a single US solider remained in this region.