UNITED NATIONS - With obviously Kashmir in mind, Pakistan asked the UN Security Council on Thursday to implement its resolutions “uniformly and non-selectively” so as to uphold the rule of law and its credibility.

“Selective implementation creates an unjust environment, deepens conflicts and compounds the suffering of the affected people,” Ambassador Masood Khan told the 15-nation Council.

“It (selective implementation) also erodes confidence in the system and undermines the UN’s credibility overtime,” the Pakistani envoy said in his remarks to an open debate on strengthening the rule of law in the maintenance of international peace and security.

Nearly 70 delegations took part in the debate. “The United Nations should play a leading role in upholding and promoting the rule of law by setting examples,” he added.  Masood Khan told delegates that Pakistan was committed to the rule of law, and cited a recent statement by Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in this regard.  The Pakistani envoy said that the contribution of rule of law to conflict prevention and peacebuilding and peacemaking had been proven. It was important to attain clarity on the design of mandates, and more resources should be devoted to data collection, he said. “The rule of law will not take root in fragile societies if it is not supported by strong institutions,” he added. The United Nations, he said, should work with host country authorities to achieve synergies, as each country needed a customised solution.

INP adds: Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Jalil Abbas Jilani discussed maritime cooperation with US Secretary of Navy Ray Mabus at the Pentagon on Thursday.

During the meeting, the Pakistani envoy and the US Navy Secretary discussed matters related to bilateral cooperation in maritime security.

Ambassador Jilani noted that Pakistan Navy had made valuable contributions to multilateral efforts to degrade sea piracy that threatened security of the sea lanes in the region.

He also recounted successes achieved through joint efforts in interdiction of drugs along the sea routes.  Ambassador Jilani underscored Pakistan’s commitment to continue its steady contribution to support regional counter piracy and maritime security efforts, the Pakistani Embassy said.

US Secretary Navy Ray Mabus appreciated the role Pakistan Navy plays in bolstering multilateral efforts to defeat piracy. He also stated that Pakistan’s contributions in this area had been remarkable and the US enjoyed excellent cooperation with Pakistan in ensuring safety and security along the sea lines of communication.

The joint statement issued during the recently held Pakistan - US strategic dialogue review meeting last month, had stated the common desire by both governments to strengthen cooperation in maritime security.