Massive flight of capital patronized by powerful lobby within our establishment has taken place . This is dominated by a few dual nationals who do business in Pakistan and occupy important public offices and they transfer their ill-gotten wealth out of the country. The fact is that 99% of our expatriates, denied equal opportunities, were forced to seek livelihood in other countries, and it is they who are sending back almost $16 Billion annually through legal and irregular sources, which amount is being funneled out of this country by less than 1% of ‘part time’ Pakistanis.

These ‘part time’ Pakistanis seek lucrative contracts in Pakistan, they are considered as favorites for key appointments to head important state financial institutions, regulatory bodies and corporations like PSM, PIA, CAA, OGRA, OGDC etc. All this is facilitated by powerful nexus of corrupt civil and uniformed bureaucracy and political opportunists, who reside in this country as long as they hold office, and depart immediately after retirement, or out of power, to evade accountability. They acquire foreign nationalities and other immigration status while holding public offices in Pakistan or during their foreign postings.

As long as this nexus of evil exists Pakistan will continue to bleed economically neither attain technological self sufficiency, nor become self reliant. Now this powerful lobby wants to amend Constitution and directly control parliament by becoming eligible to contest elections etc. It is they, who are involved in land mafia scams, human smuggling and white collar crimes.


Sukkur, February 20.