The antiques in a country are the visible history of the land and its people. It is reported that several Indus valleys civilizations’ historical and cultural artefacts continue to be sold on the black market or are stolen but our present rulers like the past successive rulers are doing nothing to protect these antiques. Regrettably the theft and smuggling of our cultural heritage has not yet been brought to a halt up until now and the relevant federal and provincial departments are reported to be in a deep slumber says one Archaeology expert from Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur Mirs.

It is on record that the past successive rulers also did nothing to conduct survey work and research to explore and document the historical background of various sites in the province. However, while visiting my province I could see several historical sites on the brink of destruction. One such historical site is located in a famous city of Garelo, near Mohan Jo Daro, Taluko, Bakrani, previously, a town of Taluko Dokri, Larkana district, a tomb of a gallant hero of Sindh. We must try to conserve and preserve our heritage which should include efforts to protect the crumbling historical sites, retrieve the numerous historical and paleontological resources looted and taken abroad.


Islamabad, January 21.