Officiating Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Liaqat Baloch has demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to take steps for blocking the way of horsetrading and ensure conduct of transparent and fair senate elections in light of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Addressing a news conference here at local JI office on Saturday, he added that the news of horse-trading in connection with Senate elections were tantamount to distorting the face of democracy. He warned that another political crisis was brewing in. He further demanded the Chief Justice of Supreme Court to take suo-moto notice of PTI-government strife on the topic of constitution of a judicial commission and constitute a commission led by the CJP himself, comprising three judges of the apex court and members from all provincial high courts. “This commission should probe 2013 elections and set lines for next elections,” he added. He warned that if the mechanism for senate election was not corrected, it would prove fatal for democracy, independent judiciary and free media. He asked the rulers to find out a good solution and prevent the situation from leading towards a closed alley. He also asked the provincial governments to hold local government elections forthwith.

He demanded the committee for parliamentary reforms to accomplish its work as soon as possible. He further demanded the government to make ECP fully empowered and autonomous institution

Referring to terrorism, he said that the federal and provincial governments as well as Chief of Army Staff should take steps to uproot terrorism completely. He asserted that the national action plan for the elimination of terrorism should be backed by national consensus and all forms of terrorism including lingual and sectarian should be dealt with even-handed.

Mr Baloch said that the group involved in burning 260 innocent citizens alive in Baldia Town had been unveiled. “The rulers should learn lesson from the past. Patronizing a fascist group is tantamount to promoting terrorism,” he maintained.

He lamented that the rulers had objection on masjid and religious institutions but they had no objection on NGOs or educational institutions being run under American system. “They are misleading the youth but they have been given free hand,” he added.

Earlier, Liaqat Baloch took oath of the office as acting Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami as Sirajul Haq left for Umrah. He also visited the house of three deceased labourers in Muzaffargarh, who were electrocuted. He demanded the government to extend financial support to the poor aggrieved families.

CPDI JOB FAIR: A job-fair organized by an NGO centre for peace and development initiatives (CPDI) would be held in the city on Feb 24 (Tuesday).

The district youth counsellor CPDI Multan Kamran Haider said that about 40 companies from across the country including banks, telecommunication, education, insurance, textile, food and all other sectors would set-up their stalls in the job-fair.  He said that the companies would conduct interviews of the unemployed educated youth and provide job opportunities on the spot in the job fair.