Rawalpindi - A large number of people are defying the ban on kite-flying in the city in general and on the under-construction track of metro bus in particular.

The business of kites and metal string is also booming in various areas of the city with no action on part of police. The lives of many road users, especially of motorcyclists and cyclists, are in great danger owing to string that falls like a sword on the neck of people. Similarly, several children bump into speedy vehicles in a bid to catch stray kites on the roads.

All this has not only exposed the poor performance of police but also the managers of the city who even could not stop violation on kite-flying that too on track of metro track, something seeking strong attention of Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif, who has imposed a strict ban on kite-flying in the province in order to save precious human lives.

Talking to The Nation on Saturday, Muhammad Muzamil, a resident of Adyala Road, said that the people including youngsters were defying ban on kite-flying on the rooftops with no police action. He while sitting along with his daughter on his bike said that a stray twine fell over him near 502 Workshop stop but he and his daughter remained unhurt. “I immediately stopped my motorcycle. A jacket with thick collar saved my neck from being slashed,” he said adding that the government should take strict action against the kite flyers as well as those who are selling kites and twines in the city.

Zameer Ahmed, a young boy who was flying kite while standing on metro track on Benazir Bhutto Road, told that his house was located in thickly populated area with a large number of electricity polls. He said that he chose the track to fly kite as there is no hurdle here and he can fly the kite very high.

Another kite flyer Wajid Hussain standing on metro track was of view that flying kites from such a height has its own taste. He said that he could easily take participate in contest and can cut opponent’s kite while taking advantage of altitude.

Many commuters, who were looking this drama being staged on metro route, condemned the negligence of City District Government Rawalpindi (CDGR), saying all have failed in imposing ban on kite-flying. “Some kite flyers might fall down from the bridge,” said Irshad Janjua, a university student who was seeing the kite flyers on metro track at Chandni Chowk.

Commissioner and DCO did not respond several phone calls made by The Nation to know their official version on the game continued unchecked on metro track on Benazir Bhutto Road.