KARACHI  - Police have not yet ascertained the motive behind kidnapping and burning of a student. Rickshaw driver who was the key witness in his fresh statement refused to identify the student while the police claim to have initiated further investigation with help of cell phone data of the student on Saturday.

Final-year engineering student Haris Javed, 22, went missing on February 16 after he left home for university. Late on Thursday night, he was thrown out of a high-roof van while engulfed in flames. He is under treatment at Burns Ward of the Civil Hospital, Karachi.

A note was found around him, saying that if ‘military operation’ did not end, other students would be treated the same. The student’s statement hinted on involvement of militants behind, the officials of the Counter-Terrorism Department and the Special Investigation Unit also joined local police to assist them.

In the latest development, the police traced the rickshaw driver, Fayyaz, who earlier claimed that he had dropped Javed and a girl off at Gizri a few days ago, however, on Saturday, police investigators recorded his statement but this time, he refused to identify the student, complicating the case. According to DSP Shafqat Chandio, police has treated him (rickshaw driver) politely. He said that they offered him multiple cups of tea and asked him to say the truth but he refused to identify.

“The rickshaw driver does not want to visit the police station and wants to mind his own business,” said the official.

Police officials have yet to access cell phone of the student as what the police officials said that the family said that the student had lost his cell phone; however, the police have collected cell phone calling record of the student and initiated further investigation. “His cell phone record will give us help in investigating the case,” the officer explained.

Police investigators still suspecting that personal enmity could be behind the incident while further investigation was underway. “We are sure that the student knows them but he is not cooperating with us but we are sure that he will cooperate soon,” DSP Chandio explained.