The government came up with a National Action Plan; they made promises of unity and improvement in law and order situations. Taking some safety measures, after the biggest tragedy of December 16, 2014 was logical and right. Now the nation wants to know how we are following these. It’s like we are forgetting the innocent angels and their families or we are tired of showing sympathies towards them. Everything seems to be a blur and slowed down. We should not forget that our children are still in danger, moreover our education institutes are threatened and so are the students.

Recent cracker attack at a school is a symbol that we are not safe to continue are lives without fear. It’s time for some real action and measures to save future of our nation. There are still many schools that lack proper security and they should be provided with adequate amount of protection even if the government has to pitch in. Not only our government but each and every one is responsible for the safeguard of educational institutes.


Karachi, February 13.