Torrential rain and hailstorm hit Mandi Bahauddin and surrounding areas while cloud thundered and the rain continued for an hour on Saturday.

In the morning it drizzled but the clouds hovering over the sky turned black. Up to 11am the sun remained disappeared. However in afternoon, the weather changed as the clouds started disappearing. The rain drops coupled with hails turned the weather chilly. According to local metrological centre Mandi area received 20 mm rain. It also forecast rain in next 24 hours.

BILLBOARDS REMOVED: TMA staff has removed bill and sign boards installed around and in close vicinity of Government Postgraduate College as they were considered dangerous from security point of view.

The citizens including students and teachers have appreciated the measure. They also demanded removal of such bill boards erected near other educational institutions in the district. They further suggested removal of large bill boards alongside Mandi Phalia Road to avoid road accidents.