We all have our personal conjecture about terrorism and why it has spread like cancer. Many, like me, believe that it is due to lack of education. Let’s first see why and how a cancer spreads or takes hold.

First a place inside our body has been infected; let’s call that the place: the poor masses. Once infected, if not checked, it spreads. The check is our police and judiciary which is in complete disorder and has no power, or if it has its misused and misplaced. Terrorism and all kinds of brutality and crime takes place when there is no check and balance.

For me the best teacher is the Prophet of Allah and the best book is the Holy Quran. Allah ordains that we will be punished for our sins. We all agree to this, then how can we believe in a society where crime goes unpunished? What happens to a criminal when he is not punished? He becomes bolder and braver, just like domestic abuser, who is cajoled and given a slight pat on the fingers but never punished. Where educated class also does not interfere; where no human rights NGOs save a women from being beaten by a husband.

The flipside of the coin is that educated youth from UK and European countries are joining ISIS in large numbers. We have to see closely what is lacking in their society. The lack of moral values and loose family fabric has contributed to the degeneration of the younger generation. Most Asian born Europeans are far from any kind of religion and thus are attracted to violent and aggressive policies of groups such as Taliban and Daesh. These terrorist organizations have replaced the ‘Wild West,’ with all its bloodshed and killings.

In Pakistan, which still has some torn and tattered moral values left and a strong family fabric we urgently need educating the masses, I am ready to donate my time and energy, as are millions of other people, but we need a fertile ground where such actions will not have harsh repercussions or backlash. Many of our youth is available to teach the poor if we could only form a group. If each educated person decides to educate one person we may see a healthy change and a brighter future for this country, let’s forget the politicians and the government and see what we can do.

I am open to suggestions and feedback from anyone who would like to join me in this venture. Let’s for once decide to take a part in building our own nation and maybe then will see divine intervention and help from Allah.