Islamabad - A woman, Kausar Shahida, on Saturday killed her husband and three daughters here in G-6 sector of the capital and later committed suicide.

Early in the morning on Saturday, residents of Islamabad woke up to hear a tragic breaking news about a six-member family that reduced to only one surviving member who luckily escaped the death after his mother shot his father and three sisters including 2-year old Nida.

According to police, Kausar Shaheen, 34, shot her husband Muhammad Farooq, a BPS-19 government officer, and daughters, Nida, 2, Iza, 5, Rania, 7, before killing herself with a 30-bore pistol in G-6/1-3 sector.

Police termed the incident as arising out of family dispute but according to close relatives of the fateful family, there was more than mere a family dispute that triggered Kausar Shaheen, a master degree holder, to resort to such an extreme step by unleashing a killing spree.

According to Muhammad Rafay, 11, who escaped the death after one of the bullets hit his shoulder, the family was all set to converge on recreational Rawal Lake View Park after having had a sumptuous breakfast when suddenly his parents indulged in heated arguments.

According to him, he played a trick by pretending to be dead when his mother hit his father in the head and then aimed the pistol at his younger sister Nida, 2, and then killed everybody present on breakfast table before killing herself.

The deceased belonged to a notable family of village Zarkhan Kallay, situated along Indus Highway in Karak district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, known for its social services to downtrodden communities.

Soon after hearing the news, relatives and friends of the family rushed to G-6 area for extending help to the deceased while in their ancestral village, announcements were made in village mosques for their funeral prayers.

Background information gleaned by The Nation revealed that Muhammad Farooq Khattak, a jubilant personality, had been visited for the last two months by members of Tableeghi Jamaat (TJ) of Lal Masjid persuading him to spend some days with them in the religious group preaching religion. And members of TJ succeeded in convincing Farooq to spend three days, known as Sehroza in their terminology. Later when he returned home, members of the religious group would enjoy his car and his hospitality almost on regular routine.

The Nation learnt that the members of TJ asked Farooq, who after spending sometime with them kept his beard, to spend four months with them and take leave from his office in this regard. According to close friends and family members of Farooq, he asked his wife that he was ready to embark on four months religious expedition. “His wife needed his husband to be home in order to do homework with school going children. One of the reasons that his wife went to the extreme step might be the decision of her husband to abandon family and serve his religion,” a close relative of the deceased said.

Importantly, the rituals before burial of the fateful family were performed in Lal Masjid including the bathing rituals and the shrouds. Members of the mosque were also observed helping relatives of the bereaved family.

But Muhammad Rafay, the lone surviving child, told media that his father had always objected to excessive use of mobile phone by his mother, a revelation that was denied by his family members on account that the child was terrified and was not in his senses.

Outside Polyclinic Hospital, moving scenes were observed where the elder brother of Farooq, Ishaq and father of Kausar Shaheen were observed crying as they had not expected that the happy family and financially sound couple would meet this tragic end.