My Larkano (mistakenly written as Larkana) is indeed a beautiful city where everything is pure and fresh, just not the political lot and local administration. Unlike Islamabad, adulteration in food and other daily usable items is alien in my Larkano. Visitors, both local and foreigners, often come to experience the unique culture of Larkano’s people and their traditional hospitality.

My Larkano was a popular tourist destination because of its historical site Indus valley Civilization, “Mohan Jo Daro”, International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Dokri, and wildlife and natural habitats.

But there are ample infrastructure problems which rulers during the past many years have not been able to overcome. All and sundry live in terrible conditions due to growing sewerage and sanitation problem and famous Rice Canal needs better protection and glorification because land grabbers and timber mafias have played havoc with its natural grace and beauty.

All unfinished projects which were launched should be completed, without any compromise on quality, and those projects and schemes which have been shown complete in documents and their allocated funds have been embezzled, misused or simply transferred abroad in foreign accounts, should be completed at the earliest and ruthless action and accountability against all concerned may be initiated because people are suffering to their crime and corruption in one of Pakistan’s most lively city.

Hashim Abro,

Islamabad, January 16.