After the charsadda tragedy, print and electronic media again fires up as expected and discusses the supposed failure of NAP and tries to find out the reasons. It again fails to address the underlying cause and that is the inaction of almost all the sections of society and organs of the state.

Countering terrorism is a national issue and has to be dealt with accordingly. We have left it entirely to the military to rid us of this evil and all others are snoring deeply. Military has done his part. Now what others have done?

Has judiciary played a proactive role in making sure terrorists caught by military are punished and executed? Do you see judges working extra hours to supplement the efforts against terrorism? Is NAP even a priority in judiciary? Currently, courts are sort of heaven for terrorists.

Has parliament passed any law of any significance since the APS Tragedy? Do you see the law makers debating regularly on this issue and trying to formulate a national counter terror policy? Do you see them leading the effort and developing a strong counter narrative? No. They are more busy discussing God knows what.

The executive. Has it played its role? Police Reforms? Empowerment of local bodies? Administrative reforms? Gun Control? Drug Control? Did it try to break communication networks of terrorists?

Media. It was the prime responsibility of the media to educate the youth and help in shaping a national narrative. But youth today is as confused as ever and media continues to discuss petty issues.


Lahore, January 23.