In Pakistan everyone is corrupt and any anti-corruption body itself will need to be checked by another, and that by another- ad nauseam, ad infinitum. The Sindh government has decided to request the centre to constitute a judicial commission to examine the actions taken by the Federal Investigation Agency in the province. This was the eloquent description: The provincial government deems the actions of FIA and NAB in Sindh as “a strode over move” (sic) of their limits and jurisdiction. So FIA joins the list of federally directed culprits out to catch the corrupt of Sindh.

According to the provincial government, the FIA had taken away more than 15,000 files of the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation. Sindh feels that the FIA had no authority and jurisdiction to conduct raids on its offices. And this might be true, but haven’t we had enough of these tribunals and probes that have the same men sitting on them that need to be probed. Why not constitute a judicial commission to examine the criminal acts of members of the Sindh government, such as land grabbing, money laundering, and financial terrorism? Why not constitute a judicial commission to examine everything? We are in an era where the judicial probe has become a panacea.

The claims of the Sindh government can only hold sway when it shows itself to be credible. The Rangers operation exposed the rot that is the politics of Sindh. And even while the FIA might be stepping beyond its jurisdiction, the question of what is in these 15,000 files also needs to be addressed. The second issue is the need felt by the political parties to check the NAB and FIA. These are supposedly independent institutions, yet they have to follow the politics of the land. Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar has said that the PPP statements had been making the FIA’s investigation into corruption cases controversial. Did it escape him that PM Nawaz Sharif had done the same to NAB in the Punjab?

So we come full circle - a circle of corrupt men, calling the shots against each other, none willing to change their ways. In the arena of personal politics with the wide spread of corruption from the grassroots up to ministers, NAB and FIA are just pawns. It will be Chaudhry Nisar, who has the power to call FIA off; it will not be the decision of the FIA itself from an evaluation of its legal jurisdiction.