Lahore - The All Pakistan Newspapers Society has thanked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for approving 15 percent increase in the government advertisement rates for newspapers.

“APNS President Sarmad Ali and Secretary General Umer Mujib Shami, on behalf of the society officebearers and members, have expressed profound gratitude to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his kind approval of 15% increase in the government advertisement rates for newspapers, ”said a press release.

It added that the APNS officebearers stated that the notification issued by the federal government for the increase was longstanding and the APNS was urging the Federal Ministry of Information for an urgent increase as the rates were enhanced in 2012 with an assurance of annual increase of 10%.

“The notification will be highly welcomed by the newspapers especially small and regional publications as it will help these meet the financial crunch being faced by the industry due to increase in its costs over the years” the press release read .

The APNS also appreciated Minister of State for Information and National Heritage  Maryam Aurangzeb for her support to the APNS and hoped that the print media would continue to receive the cooperation from the ministry and the federal government.