I would like to bring the issue of the ban being imposed on Uber and Careem in Sindh, by the Ministry of Transportation, Sindh. According to the Ministry of Transportation, Uber and Careem must apply for fitness certificates, route permits and excise licenses in order to further provide these services to the public.  

Although the ban is not being implemented in other provinces and another notification provided by the government is now reverting this decision, it is still important to note that in a state where even an underage child can drive a vehicle, the government is imposing a ban on these companies which are providing these services reliably, cheaply, safely and securely to the public than our conventional rickshaws taxies. 

The public needs services like Uber and Careem rather than the services provided by the Ministry of Transport, which also need the above-mentioned certificates in order to operate on the streets. 


Karachi, February 20.