KAMALIA-Citizens expressed grave concerns over rising robbery and pickpocketing incidents across tehsil. They also flayed police failure to control drug-dealing in the area which has been ruining the youth.

During a survey, residents of different areas told this correspondent that drugs dealers and pickpockets have been carrying out their activities in densely populated areas of the city. Ringleaders of pickpockets’ gangs arrive early in the morning at various bus stops and inform their minions about their daily targets. They also divide working territories among them. The pickpockets then get busy looting innocent travellers at public buses and bus stops. Pick-pocketing victims complained that whenever they visit police stations for lodging a complaint, the police show reluctance to register case against the possible accused.

They informed the correspondent about the recent incidents, saying a couple days ago, a drug addict and pickpocket Allah Yar was caught red handed by the citizens. He was handed over to the City Police but the police did not register any case against him rather the cops let him go after mere reprimand.

Another accused Sabir was caught red handed stealing luggage of the travellers at Kamalia General Bus Stand, who informed the citizens that drugs dealings is not an issue in the tehsil. Pointing out several drugs dealing points, he was hopeful to be released by the police without much hassle.

Citizens expressed concerns over the fact that use of drugs including Heroin and Morphine has been increasing in youth in which both male and female students of different schools and colleges are involved. They regretted that the police are not taking action against drug-dealers in the city and its adjoining area.

When contacted, Kamalia City Police SHO Mian Aslam declined to comment on the issue.