Since the last few days, our enemies have launched an unprecedented all out covert war against civil and military personnel and establishments, wherein, the entire country is suffering a bloodbath from East to West and North to South. In view of the highly volatile situation, it is extremely imperative that Pakistan responds to this emergency in a swift, effective and offensive manner, so that our enemies must know well and truly, that the Pakistani nation will extract full price of their mischief against our motherland. 

Now, a time has come that Pakistan cannot and must not allow this proxy war imposed by two of its known inimical neighbours namely; Afghanistan and India; to be just a kind of a routine exercise, to wait for the terrorists to attack, as per their will; and after that we ask our law enforcing agencies, to go after them and their facilitators, with an iron hand. This sort of mind set will ruin us completely, sooner than later. 

As such, it is high time that our strategy is revamped and rehashed. In this regard, if the UNO or the world powers wants to take steps to ensure peace on our western borders, we should have no objection, provided all the Indian consulates established, after the NATO invasion of Afghanistan, and are permanently shut down. 

All these operations are carried out, not only to inflict maximum men and material losses, but also to undermine Pakistan’s military power, sabotage CPEC, create isolation in foreign policy and inflict maximum damage on economy. We should not be so naive to indefinitely close our eyes and ignore the role of presence of Indian consulates, specially based near the Pakistan’s western borders with Afghanistan. 

In fact, the terrorism in Karachi and the insurgencies of Swat and Balochistan are a clear testimony of the Indian designs, being perpetrated through these consulates in Afghanistan. The recent sudden increase of acts of terrorism, highlights the importance of preventive measures to curb this menace, which is causing severe losses of innocent lives, material and reputation of the country. 

Under the circumstances, there is a dire need for motivating general public, which must remain extra-vigilant, in playing their role of defending the motherland, by involvement of entire population of the country, to look out in their near vicinity, for the stay and suspicious activities of the terrorist. 

If our war against terror and for our survival is to be won quickly, the entire population of the country shall have to be geared up and involved in the task of watch and vigilance. Last but not the least, as is done in many countries, compulsory three years of military service must be enacted for entire Pakistani citizens, without any discrimination of rich and poor. Besides many other benefits, it will help produce a new generation of disciplined and physically fit Pakistanis. 


Lahore, February 17.