islamabad-The Guinness World Record holder in Kip Ups, Farhan Khan looked highly dejected from the indifferent attitude of his ideal personality, the Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, and decided not to attribute his attempt of ‘No Hand Kip Ups’ world record to the cricketer-turned politician.

Farhan Khan travelled all the way from Lahore to meet Imran Khan after several assurances that the PTI chairman would meet him at his residence in Bani Gala but all in vain. The Kip Ups record holder spent more than a week in Islamabad and used to wait eight hours daily outside Imran Khan’s residence, but he received apathy at the hands of Imran Khan’s aides. However, now Farhan has decided that he would turn all his focus entirely on setting world record in ‘No Hand Kip Ups’.

Farhan looked highly frustrated while expressing his views to The Nation during an exclusive interview on Tuesday. He set the world record in Kip Ups during Punjab Youth Festival 2014, which was dully recognised by Guinness Book of World Record. “I went from pillar to post to meet the Punjab Sports Board high-ups to seek their help in attempting world record in No Hand Kip Ups. Nobody in the past had ever tried to set the record in this category. I broke the Kip Ups record held by British Brendon Issac, who managed 22 Kip Ups in 1-minute, I set the new world record by doing 34 Kip Ups in same duration of time, but nobody was ready to help me out.”

“I met the PTI officials in Lahore, who told me to meet Imran Khan, as he can help me out; I also met with former Governor Punjab Ch Sarwar, who also assured me to arrange a meeting with Imran Khan at his residence in Islamabad. I talked with Imran Khan’s secretary, who promised me to arrange a meeting with Khan, if I reach Islamabad, I decided to leave Lahore and reach Islamabad, but after hectic attempts, I failed to even contact Imran Khan’s secretary, who stopped receiving my calls.”

After appearing on media, Naeem Ul Haq and MNA Amir Dogar from Multan promised in front of media to arrange the meeting very soon, but all in vain.

“I finally managed to trace out Imran Khan in Supreme Court and on media’s request, when I finally reach near Imran, he due to misunderstanding started misbehaving with me, when people told him I am not demanding any favours or financial help and just wanted to set a new world record at Bani Gala and attribute that to Imran, but he refused to listen to me.”

Farhan further said, “I had deposited $1000 fee for attempting the record with Guinness Book of World Record and they had allowed me to go ahead with the attempt. I had worked on metro station, shops for around 20-months to collect Rs 120,000 required for submitting with Guinness Book of World Record as fee. I never demanded anybody to provide me financial help, I just wanted Punjab Sports Board or Imran Khan to acknowledge my achievements, and I made record for Pakistan, not for personal glory or seeking money. I am running from post to pillar to get the place.”

He added, “I had also met with Director General Pakistan Sports Board Dr Akhtar Nawaz Ganjera, who is very kind and helpful, he assured me his all out help.