Pakistan and India have agreed to extend the bilateral agreement on Nuclear safety which was implemented to ensure that accidents related to nuclear material are minimised.

According to the Foreign office, the key agreement has been extended for another five years (2017-2022) after the previous five-year term (2012-2017). The official statement is that aim of the agreement is to promote a stable environment of peace and security between the two countries.

The accord is to facilitate the confidence-building measures associated with Nuclear material. The statement:

The agreement revolves around the rule that both countries incorporate the necessity for exchange of information under circumstances that can be critical or crucial for relationship such as any accident relating to nuclear weapons under their jurisdiction that could create a radioactive fallout resulting in adverse consequences or increase the risk of occurrence of nuclear war between the two countries.

FO Spokesperson Nafees Zakaria stated : “Pakistan believes in the need for both sides to stay engaged for strategic stability in South Asia.”

Despite that the current status between two countries is at all time low relationship, the development is a positive sign after tensions on LoC and working boundary. India had claimed to executed surgical strikes on Pakistani territory after an Indian Army base was attacked in Indian-held Kashmir.