LAHORE -  The meter readers staff of different distribution companies have asked the government to provide additional staff as per the requirements.

These demands were raised at a conference held under the banner of All Pakistan WAPDA Hydro Electric Workers Union here at Bakhtiar Labour Hall. The meter readers also opposed the government plan of outsourcing this segment as this will increase the cost of Discos. They also demanded the provision of additional meters for the smooth running of system.

The participants of the conference asked the government and policy makers to allocate adequate financial resources for Wapda for new dams and hydel power stations in order to meet growing demand of water and electricity and provide cheap electricity to the masses. The government should also adopt national economic self reliance policy and recover tax from the elite and feudal lords to raise national revenue.

They strongly condemned the suicide attack in Lahore and Sehwan Sharif and demanded the government should take solid measures instead of paying lip service to the issue. They said the attack on the shrine was actually an attack on Islam. They said that it was a conspiracy to fan differences among various sects of Islam.

The speakers said that representatives of all sects had already supported the National Action Plan, adding that the government would have to implement the NAP in letter and spirit.