PTI Insaf Chairman Imran Khan said that it has been proved that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) chairman was also a corrupt official, adding that the ‘corrupt’ Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had destroyed the state institutions.

Imran said that even a common man, if asked, would like to find an honest person for keeping his money, who would have not been a money-launderer and corrupt. He said the person for whom Dar did money laundering is Pakistan’s prime minister; questioning the capability for cointry to make progress in such circumstances.

“No one should have any doubt in mind that what was witnessed in the Supreme Court today with regard to the state institutions, makes it clear that Nawaz has destroyed them,” he charged.

Imran referred to articles 62 and 63 having a concept of sadiq and ameen, who could accordingly handle the public money. “Those who stole a few thousand rupees are languishing in jails, while plunderers of the national wealth are roaming free,” the PTI chairman lamented.

He pointed out that Nawaz’s counsel representatives stated in the Supreme Court that since, Nawaz is the ruler, the country’s laws must not be applied on him and that not the apex court, instead of apex court, should deal with Panama-related matters.

He alleged that NAB was resorting to excuses in order to hide Nawaz Sharif's corruption and that the FBR chairperson was also a corrupt person, citing the apex court proceedings. In the given situation, the masses had no other option but to look towards the Supreme court's stance.

The PTI chairman further said that Nawaz is in the habit of playing with an umpire of his choice but time has changed now, advising him not to go for any adventure against the judiciary, adding further that as ruling PML-N always went for violence on seeing defeat.