“I’m lost for words, it’s mad, I

can’t believe it,”

–Sean Raggett – scorer of the winner for his side Lincoln City, in the FA Cup fifth round tie against Burnley, making his club the first non-league club to qualify for the quarterfinals in 103 years.


Sean Raggett scored one of the momentous goals of his club’s (Lincoln City) 133-year history on Saturday, February 18, 2017 by winning against a league team in the fifth round of the Football Association Challenge Cup 2016-2017 (FA Cup) – an annual knockout competition in men’s domestic English football. Lincoln were playing in the last-16 for the first time in the club’s history, and will now move on to the quarter-finals with their dreams of victory intact.

Football as a sport is known for its upsets. Last year’s English Premier League champions Leicester City did so when the bookmakers announced the odds of 5000-1 of this happening. It continues to surprise and thrill its fans across the globe, with the smaller teams often competing against the best and strongest of the world, and triumphing against all expectations. With this latest surprise, the growing fanbase will only cherish the ‘beautiful game’ even more.